Short Story: Paper Boats

Category : Books, Writing ยท by Jun 21st, 2015

I updated the bookshelf on this site last night to include books I read before October 2010, the month I started tracking my readings. The quantity of books came as a genuine surprise to me, especially the amount of books on fantasy.

What struck me as more interesting is that in the meantime, I never felt a desire to write something of my own. Simply traversing another reality was enough for me. It would be a lie to say that I never entertained for a moment the possibility of writing a story, but calling it a “desire” is definitely too strong.

But one day that unfamiliar sense of desire did strike, and I sat down and wrote “Paper Boats”. I remembered that Raymond Carver usually puts his first draft away for weeks in order to make final adjustments with a fresh eye, and that is what I did.

And this is what I wrote:
Paper Boats

I feel that out of any media, writing is one I especially like to see feedback on. If you took some moments to read the story, I would appreciate an extra moment for feedback. As usual, no pressures.

Writing in such a way was fun, though I’m sure unreliable too. But it’s strange and exciting to regard my own unexpected creations, and I hope that there will be future stories to come.


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